Application process

Our company is pretty unique, and the way we look for Axioms is as well. Let us walk you through our application process so you know what to expect.

The Steps

Apply – We’ll start off by reviewing your resume, cover letter (yes, we’ll read it if you write it!), and social media links. We’re curious about you, so be sure to include your LinkedIn, GitHub, portfolio, and any other relevant information that showcase your skills and interests.
Chat with us – We’ll email you to schedule a meeting. Tell us what what you’re passionate about, your accomplishments, and the kind of challenges you’re looking for. We want to know the depth and breadth of your knowledge and skills as they relate to the role.
Show us what you got – We may ask to see samples of your work. Depending on the position you’re applying for, these can be writing, code or design samples. We may ask you to complete a take home assignment that will help us understand if we are a match.
Hacking and sharing – Collaboration, feedback, and discussion are key to all positions at Axiom Zen. As such, we may invite you for an elbow-to-elbow session with other team members to see if we all work well together.
Meet the team – After interviewing with a few Axioms (and likely our founder as well), we’ll review everyone’s feedback before requesting references.
References and job offer – We want to hear first-hand experience from people who have worked with you. Ideally, that feedback comes from previous supervisors or managers. Once we’re confident we have a fit and learn how we can help set you up for success, we’ll send out an official job offer!

Timing: Our process may take 3–6 weeks to complete depending on the role and everyone’s availability. If you have time constraints – such as other pending job offers – let us know so we can do our best to speed up our process!

Internship Program

For current students or recent graduates, our internship program offers competitive compensation and an experience like none other. We seek collaborative team members who have demonstrated a deep interest in new, innovative technology.

Previous internships, personal projects, and startups are major +1's. Interns are supported by dedicated mentors and senior-level team members, and their responsibilities are equivalent to a full-time employee's.

  • We accept interns year-round; 3-9 month terms
  • Extensive benefits: health and dental; life insurance

How to Find Us

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Axiom Zen HQ
B1-788 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2M1
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Axiom Zen USA
550 15th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
United States of America
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Axiom Zen Chile
Cerro Colorado 5030, Of. 703
Las Condes, Santiago
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